Pet Size Guide

Extra Small

- Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Jack Russell etc.

Neck Size: 8" - 12" / 20-30cm


- Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Pug etc.

Neck Size: 12" - 14" / 30-35cm


- Springer Spaniel, Staffordshire Bullterrier, Whippet, Collie, Boxer etc.

Neck Size: 14" - 18" / 35-45cm


- Labrador, Pointer, Doberman, Greyhound, German Shepherd

Neck Size: 18" - 25" / 45-65cm

Extra- Large

- Great Dane, Dogue Bordeaux, Bull-Mastiff, Rottweiler, New Foundland

Neck Size: 25" or above / 65cm or above

Collar & Harness Measuring Guide

Before you order your collar we recommend that you measure the exact circumference sizes of your pet. This way we can ensure that the collar will fit perfectly, when we design it.

Please measure the neck circumference of your pet, directly on your pets neck. Please don't measure another collar you have. If you want your collar to sit a little bit looser, we will add more length accordingly.

For Standard or Deluxe Collar with claps we only require your pets neck circumference.

For our Pull-Stop Collars we need the head and neck circumference, as these collars are pulled over your dogs head.

We have added some images below to help you understand how to measure your pet. However if you are unsure about how to measure your pet, please message us.

Measuring for collars (purple)

For all our collars that have a clasp closure, please measure your pet at the bottom middle of its neck. See the purple line in the picture. 

For a slightly looser fit, put two fingers under the measuring tape. 

Measuring for Slip-Collars only (turquoise)

For all our Slip-Collars, that are simply pulled over your pets head please measure your pet at the top of its neck and the widest part of the head. See the turquoise line in the picture. 

You can measure these two parts exactly as they are, you don't have to add any extra inches, as the collar will sit losely on the neck of your pet.

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