Adjustable Slip Lead / Retriever Lead

Adjustable Slip Lead / Retriever Lead


Our Adjustable Slip Leads are high quality rope leads, approximately 1.5-2m (60"-80") long, this type of lead is also know as a Retriever Lead, as it requires no seperate collar to be used. The leads loop is simply slipped over your dogs head and the knot can be adjusted to the right size to avoid strangulation or discomfort. If you require a specific lenght, please simply let us know.


Our Adjustable Slip Leads have one to two ring knots that can be moved up and down the lead and allow you to adjust lenght and the lead handling. Due to the moveable knots the lead can be worn over your shoulder during off lead walks or could be worn around the waist for hands-free walking or running. 

As for all our products you can choose your rope, draping and ring colours.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    As our leads are customized to your individual specifications, please note that this product is non-refundable once designed.