Biothane® waterproof handsfree Shoulder Leash

Biothane® waterproof handsfree Shoulder Leash


The BioThane® handsfree Shoulder & Waist Lead are great for keeping you hands-free during your dog walks.
The movable D-Ring and a double-ended clasps allow you many ways of use.

Clip one clasp to your dog's collar or harness, and the other into the moveable D-Ring, for handsfree over-shoulder or around-the-waist use.

The moveable D-Ring is tightly fixed, and doesn't slide up or down the lead without your adjustment, and can also be used to create a handle loop for a standard walking lead.

  • Two Clasps (double-ended) for multiple function use
  • Easy and adjustable handsfree use
  • Available from 6ft (180cm) & 8ft (240cm) length
  • Made to order and measure in 3-5 business days
  • Choose from 30+ colours
  • Strong material with a breaking strength of up to 1000lbs

Colours in the colour chart highlighted with a * are not BioThane®, these colours are from our Waterproof Webbing Range, which has similar attributes as BioThane®, but comes from a different manufacturer.
We offer our customers colours from both ranges, to give you a greater choice of colours.

16mm (slim) best for puppies, very small & small Dogs,
20mm (standard) great for small to large dog breeds,
25mm (wide) best for large to very large breeds

Overall we offer many hardware colours. Most of our hardware colours are colour coated zinc, if you require fully chip & rust resistant hardware, please choose Gold Brass or Stainless Steel which are solid metals.

Standard Scissor Clasps: 63mm long, Break Load around 150kg, Clasp Weight: 30g (solid metals 35g)
Standard Trigger Clasps: 67mm-80mm, Break Load around 190kg, Clasp Weight: 43g (solid metals 50g)