WS Biothane® Dog Traffic Lead / Handle Lead

WS Biothane® Dog Traffic Lead / Handle Lead


BioThane® Traffic Lead

20mm width - RRP incl. VAT £9.50*

*additional increase for hardware colour upgrades recommended


The waterproof BioThane® Traffic Lead are around 10-12" in length. The short handle Lead is great for close on foot walks with larger dogs, or as a harness attachment, for extra security. You can choose to have a D-Ring added to your handle, to attach poo bag dispensers etc.


  • Choose from 30+ colours
  • 20mm wide BioThane Webbing, for best hand comfort
  • Great for rainy days and muddy walks with easy wipe clean material
  • Strong material with a breaking strength of up to 550lbs

The Colours:
Colours in the colour chart highlighted with a * are not BioThane®, these colours are from our Waterproof Webbing Range, which has similar attributes as BioThane®, but comes from a different manufacturer. We offer our customers colours from both ranges, to give you a greater choice of colours.


Our Hardware:
Our hardware colours are colour coated zinc, and although these are durable and long lasting, if you require fully chip & rust resistant hardware, please choose Gold Brass or Stainless Steel which are solid metals.

Standard Trigger Clasps: 67mm-80mm, Break Load around 190kg, Clasp Weight: 43g (solid metals 50g)