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BioThane® waterproof two-coloured Slip Collar®

BioThane® waterproof two-coloured Slip Collar®

Biothane® waterproof two-coloured Slip Collar
Our Slip Dog Collars are particulary designed for working dogs and all dogs that can easily escape or slip out of a standard collar. This is often the case with dogs, where their neck size is larger than their head size. The design of our Slip Collars are a great solution for all type of working dogs and for those houdini dogs, that like to escape or back out of their collar during their walks.
Our Slip Collars are ever only available with a safety stopper, to prevent the collar loop from tightening infinitely and to avoid choking and discomfort to your dog. Altough we want to ensure your dog is safe, it shouldn't have to be uncomfortable.

Key Features:
- Made from BioThane®, the highest quality waterproof webbing on the market
- 100% waterproof & easy wipe clean
- Tailored to your dogs neck and head circumference
- Great for working dogs and dogs that can back out of standard collars
- Hypoallergenic
- Odour-Resistant
- Superior quality with a longer lifetime
- Strong and Durable - strength tested for +280kg
- Expertly made by us in the UK to highest quality standards with a low carbon footprint
- Vegan
Product Sizing:
For this type of collar we require the neck and head circumference of your dog, as the collar will be tailored to your dogs measurements. We recommend measuring your dogs neck and head, using a soft measuring tape and placing it around the widest part of your dogs head, and in the position around your dogs neck where their collar would usually sit. Don't add any length to your measurement.

Product Info:
Material: Beta® BioThane
Weight Range: 50-80g
Collar Width: 20mm-25mm
Hardware:  Zinc die casting
Hardware Colours: Silver Chrome, Matte Black, Rosegold, Antique Brass, Titan Neo-Chrome, Gold Sand Brass Casting, Stainless Steel (AISI 304)

For more information about our materials, hardware, return & exchange policy and more, please visit our FAQ page:

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    PriceFrom £20.00
    VAT Included
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