Biothane® Slip Dog Collar

Biothane® Slip Dog Collar


Our waterproof Biothane & Waterproof Webbing Slip Collars, sit loosely on the lower neck of your dog, when you dog is not on the leash.

When worn with a leash the pressure discourages the dog from pulling on the leash. This alongside consistent training, your dog will learn to walk calmly beside you. Slip collars and leads are quick, effective, and comfortable devices for training and everyday casual use and will tighten when your dog pulls on their leash.

For these collars we require your dogs tight neck measure and their head measurement, in order to allow enough room for the collar to slip over your dogs head.


For our Biothane Slip Collars you can either choose one colour for the whole collar, or combine two colours in one slip collar, for an even more vibrant and outstanding look. The perfect solution if you can't decide on just one colour. 


All our collars are individually handmade to order, they are water- and mudproof and ideal for any active dog. They are made from a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it very strong and durable with a breaking load of around 380kg, the fantastic material is also super easy to wipe clean, stays odor free, will keep it's vibrant colour and is vegan. The collar is ideal, especially if your dog likes a swim, or gets dirty during their walks. Offering you a wide colour range, you are spoilt for choice.


For these collars we require you to measure your dogs neck, and head, as these collars are made to size. 

Size Ranges (for price differenciation only):

  • XSmall -  8"-12" (Collar width 16mm)
  • Small -  10"-14" (Collar width 16mm or 20mm)
  • Small/Medium - 12"-16" (Collar width 20mm)
  • Medium - 14"-18" (Collar width 20mm)
  • Medi/Large 16"-20" (Collar width 20mm or 25mm)
  • Large - 18"-22" (Collar width 25mm)
  • XLarge - 20"-24" (Collar width 25mm)
  • XXL - 22"-26" (Collar width 25mm)