Pull Stop Collar

Pull Stop Collar


Our Pull Stop Collar is a high quality single or double rope collar, that is simply slipped over your dogs head, without any claps closures. It is suitable for small to extra large size pets. The collar will be customed to your pets neck size and will therefore be a perfect fit. The collar has two stop rings, you can choose the colour for these rings.


Please note that this collar might not be suitable for dogs which have the same head and neck circumference, as it could slip off, when the dog sniffs the ground, during your off-the-lead walks. The pets head circumference should be at least 2-3cm larger than the pets neck. For dogs with the same head and neck cirumference we recommend that you choose one of our other collars.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    As our collars are customized to your individual specifications and to your pets measurements, please note that this type of pet collar is non-returnable or refundable once designed.

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