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Life of Riley - Cheesy Training Treats

Life of Riley - Cheesy Training Treats



Life of Riley - Grainfree Cheesy Training Treats, 100g pack


Dogs love cheese!


We have been sneaky sneaky in the bakery and managed to develop a super cheesy delicious training treat without the cheese!

As many dogs are sensitive to meat protein, dairy, lactose etc we have flavoured these with delicious and super nutritional cheesy alternatives - nutritional and brewers yeast.

I didn't think dogs could have yeast I hear you ask?

Well this stuff is different and a superfood for dogs, containing so many beneficial vitamins, minerals and fibre. As it's not active like normal yeast this means its safe for dogs!

Trials of these treats have been such a success, many owners preferring them to the greasy meat type, these are dry and pocketable with no meaty smell or residue left on your hands or in your pocket, but dogs still go crazy for them!


Woof benefits:

  • Grain free & natural as always
  • Small and crunchy - a great reward
  • Grease free but super cheesy!
  • 100g bag of very small treats so lots to go round!


Ingredients: Buckwheat, coconut, peanut butter, nutritional yeast, brewers yeast & vegetable glycerin.

    VAT Included
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