Paracord double-ended Training Leash

Paracord double-ended Training Leash


Our Paracord Rope Dog Training Leashes are available in various different lengths and can therefore be perfectly matched to your requirements. Our Training Lead is a double-ended lead, that comes with two clasp ends as standard. Multiple rings along the lead, will allow you to create different length handle loops, and to adjust the length of the lead. Moving the rope knots along the rope will allow you further adjustment.

A fantastic dog training lead that can be used for long line, recall training, or when adjusted to a reined lead hold for "close on foot" road walks. Use as a pull-stop lead, by clipping both ends into the dog collar, to the front of the chest, or to a front harness, creating a "horse rein" hold. Furthermore the lead can be worn as a handsfree shoulder lead, or around the waist for handsfree walking or running or cycling.


Our Paracord Ropes are made from polypropylene which doesn't absorb moisture, it keeps the rope floating on the water and dries quickly, making it excellent material for dog leads. The rope is non-toxic, safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®), doesn't get dirty quickly, and is resistant to mildew and rot.

To create your unique combination, simply choose the following:
1) Paracord Rope Colour
2) 1-3 Whipping Colours (paracord wrapping around the rope)
3) Hardware Colour

And we will do the rest and create a stunning dog leash for you.

Please note: To allow us to offer such a great variety of colours and combinations, we handmake every item to order, within 4-5 business days and personalized to your colour choices. We don't hold any stock of finished products, therefore we are unfortunately unable to accept returns and exchanges for these products. We do however offer an in-depth customer service, should you wish to see further images of our products or want to ask any questions before placing your order with us. Simply drop us a message above.