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Trinkety Paws Paracord Dog Slip Lead in Frozen Fairy Colour

Premium Rope Dog Slip Lead - Figure 8 Lead

Premium Rope Dog Slip Lead - Figure 8 Lead

A great Lead for working dogs, that don't wear a collar, simply slip the head loop over your dogs head, and you are ready to go. 
Trinkety Paws Slip Leads do always include a Stop-Ring inside the loop, that can be adjusted to your dogs neck size, to avoid the neck loop closing infinitely or cause strangulation, discomfort and injury, it also doubles as a figure of 8 to go over your dogs nose, should you wish to use it that way.
The other end of the loop has a with movable Rope Stopper, that stays firmly in place when needed, but can be adjusted by hand to make the sling larger for easy slip on and off over your dogs head. The Rope is made from polypropylene material which lightweight, doesn't absorb moisture, is machine washable and very durable.    

See the images in the gallery for demonstration of the lead's different functions.

For a multi-colour whipping colour finish (2 or 3 colours), please add the upgrade link to your order, which you can find in our online shop.


Key Features:

- Paracord diameter 10mm

- Available from 3ft (90cm) up to 6ft (180cm) length

- Strong but soft material that can be machine washed

- With a floating O-Ring in Leash Handle to attach accessories

- Safety first - Sewn with rot resistant high strength Microcord

- Odour-Resistant

- Superior quality with a longer lifetime than other materials on the market

- Break Strength of +230kg

- Designed and expertly made by us in the UK

- Highest quality standards with low carbon footprint production

- Vegan


Product Sizing:

Our Lead length refers to the total length of the Lead, measured from the top of the handle loop to the end of the head loop. We can also offer custom lengths and designs, and if you can't exactly find what you are looking for, or have any questions, please just drop us a message.


Product Info:

Material: Polypropylene

Rope Strength: 1200kg

Lead weight: 115-215g

Hardware: Zinc die casting

Hardware Colours: Silver Chrome, Matte Black, Rosegold, Antique Brass, Titan Neo-Chrome, Gold Sand Brass Casting, Stainless Steel (AISI 304)

Product Care: Washmachine temp. 30º


For more information about our materials, hardware, return & exchange policy and more, please visit our FAQ page:


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    VAT Included
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