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Petface - Grey Cord Pet Blanket

Petface - Grey Cord Pet Blanket

The Petface Grey Cord Pet Comforter Blanket is a luxurious, soft comforter for your pet to snuggle up to. Warm and cosy with Shhh... I'm Snoozzzzing embroidered on the front, a reminder to everyone around that your pet is in their peaceful slumber and deserves uninterrupted rest! This comforter blanket is versatile and can be used for extra comfort at home or on your travels.


Materials:    100% Polyester
Care Instructions:    Machine washable at 30 degrees, not to be used on a high spin.
Product Height (mm):    700
Product Width (mm):    1000
Product Depth (mm):    10
Product Weight:    390g

    VAT Included
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