Twisted Paracord double-ended Dog Training Lead

Twisted Paracord double-ended Dog Training Lead


Our Twisted Paracord Rope Dog Training Leashes are available in various different lengths and can therefore be perfectly matched to your requirements. Our Training Lead is a double-ended lead, that comes with two clasp ends as standard. Two adjustable and one fixed ring along the lead, will allow you to create different length handle loops, and to adjust the length of the lead. Moving the rope knots along the rope will allow you further adjustment.

A fantastic dog training lead that can be used for long line, recall training, or when adjusted to a reined lead hold for "close on foot" road walks. Use as a pull-stop lead, by clipping both ends into the dog collar, to the front of the chest, or to a front harness, creating a "horse rein" hold. Furthermore the lead can be worn as a handsfree shoulder lead, or around the waist for handsfree walking or running or cycling.


- All products are handmade to your specifications in 3-5 business days

- Available in 6ft (180cm) & 8ft (240cm) length
- Paracord diameter 10mm & 12mm width
- Available in 6ft (180cm), 8ft (240cm) and 10ft (300cm) length
- Soft material that can be machine washed

About the Paracord Material:
The Paracord Ropes are made from polypropylene material which does not absorb moisture, it keeps the rope floating on the water and dries quickly, making it excellent material for dog leads. The rope is non-toxic, safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®), doesn't get dirty quickly, and is resistant to mildew and rot.

The twisted Paracord Rope is probably our most elegant looking but slightly more delicate rope available, please bear this into account if you dog likes to rough and tumble or chew their leash. The material are three strong entwined ropes, which can loosen their twist and therefore their beautiful look if being tugged, caught or untwined. If you prefer a sturdier rope, we recommend you choose a colour from our standard or premium Paracord Rope Range for a more durable material.


Our Hardware:
Overall we offer various hardware colours. Most of our hardware colours are colour coated zinc, if you require fully chip & rust resistant hardware, please choose Gold Brass or Stainless Steel which are solid metals.
Standard Scissor Clasps: 63mm long, Break Load around 150kg, Clasp Weight: 30g (solid metals 35g)
Standard Trigger Clasps: 67mm-80mm, Break Load around 190kg, Clasp Weight: 43g (solid metals 50g)

How to design your own:
1) Select your Lead Length from the Drop Down Menu
2) Select your Hardware Colour from the Drop Down Menu
3) Add your Main Paracord Rope colour into the personalisation box (see colour chart in image gallery).
4) Add a whipping colour (paracord wrapping around the rope) to the personalisation box.
For a multi-colour whipping colour finish (2 or 3 colours), please add the shop upgrade link to your order. 


These leads can be washed by hand but are also machine washable at low temperature and alongside other clothing of similar colour. We recommend to put the collar into a washbag or tied up pillow case, to protect the whipping and hardware.