Waterproof handsfree Shoulder Leash

Waterproof handsfree Shoulder Leash


Our double-ended Biothane handsfree Shoulder & Waist Lead are great for keeping you hands-free during your dog walks. 


The movable D-Ring and a double-ended clasps allow you a multitude of uses; clip one clasp to your dog's collar or harness, and the other into the moveable D-Ring, for handsfree over-shoulder or around-the-waist use. The moveable D-Ring is tightly fixed, and doesn't slide up or down the lead, therefore also being suitable to create a handle loop that stays in place turning this lead into a standard walking lead or use it in "rein hold" for training walks. All these options are making this lead ideal for a all-around use.

Available in various lengths from 6ft-10ft,  and two different widths, with a minimum breaking strenght of 340kg. The material is our waterproof, odor free, strong and easy to clean original biothane, you just have to decide on your favourite colour and hardware.


Biothane is a polyester webbing with PVC coating that makes water- and mudproof, as well as odor free and super easy to clean. 

Each lead is individually handmade, their material make them ideal for any active dog, even after many uses and cleans the material will keep it's vibrant colour. We offer a wide colour range, and have further colours available in our "Waterproof Handsfree Shoulder Lead" Range.