Waterproof double-ended Training Lead

Waterproof double-ended Training Lead


Our waterproof double-ended Training Leads are our most popular dog training leads,  suitable for puppies up to very large dogs. The double- ended clasp function and various rings along the lead allow for a versatile use and make it the ideal training lead.


The lead can be used for dog collar and harness attachement, for long line or recall training, or for "reined lead hold" for pull-stop training during road walks.  
Available in various lengths and widths to suit your dogs size and your requirements this lead is super durable and offers a minimum breaking strength of 340 kg.


The material, is a polyester webbing with PVC coating that makes water- and mudproof, as well as odor free and super easy to clean. 

Each lead is individually handmade, their material make them ideal for any active dog, even after many uses and cleans the material will keep it's vibrant colour.

We offer a wide colour range, and have further colours available in our original Biothane double-ended Dog Training Lead range.