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Frequently Asked Questions



How long is my orders processing time?

We handmade and dispatch most of our products in just 2-3 business days.

This means that we are able to handmake and ship your product as fast as similar businesses, that sell ready made products.

How long do UK order deliveries take?

If you have purchased First Class Delivery, your order will be sent with Royal Mail Tracked 24 on the day you receive your dispatch email, your order should arrive within 1-2 business days.

If you have purchased Standard Delivery, your order will be posted with Royal Mail Tracked 48, on the day you receive your dispatch email, and should arrive within 2-3 business days. 

How can I track my order?

We will send you a dispatch email with your tracking link, once your order has been made and is being shipped. If you haven't received your dispatch email, please check your email spam folder.

You can also email us if you haven't received a dispatch confirmation.

How long do International Deliveries take?

All our international deliveries are sent with Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed. The delivery times vary slightly and are stated by Royal Mail as follows:

  • Europe delivery aim: 3-5 working days

  • Worldwide delivery aim: 5-7 working days

  • Fully tracked to delivery point

My order is delayed, what can I do?

All our direct orders are dispatched through Royal Mail tracked delivery, this means that you are able to track there whereabouts of your order, using the tracking number provided in your order. You can use the Royal Mail Tracking link here to track your order Track and Trace - Track your Item | Royal Mail Group Ltd. 

If your order status hasn't updated and hasn't arrived within the estimated time delivery time frame above, there could be an error in scanning your parcel. If the item hasn't been delivered by the due date plus 7 working days we will be able to contact Royal Mail, to enquire on your deliver. We are unable to contact Royal Mail before this time has passed, as they will not be able to assist us earlier on.  

Royal Mail recommends that you check the following things before contacting the sender about a parcel update:

  • Check the address the item was sent to - was it correct? 

  • Check whether the item was sent using a service that obtains a signature on delivery*. If it was, do they recognise the name of the person who accepted the item? The name will be provided by the person who accepted the delivery and not always the person on the address label.

  • If the item was sent to their home, get them to check with anyone else living there to see if they accepted the delivery. Please also ask them to check if the item has been left with a neighbour, or in a Safeplace. For some items you may be able to see a photo of where the item has been left on our Tracking webpage.

  • If the item was sent to their work address, ask them to check with the post room and / or colleagues to see if someone accepted the delivery.

You can also contact Royal Mail, here to ask them to look into the whereabouts of your parcel Help and Support - Personal Customers | Royal Mail Group Ltd

Refunds & Exchanges

Can I return/exchange my product?

We do accept returns & exchanges for most of our products.

However we can't accept returns or exchanges for products that have been made to your specifications from our "Design Your Own" product category or on any personalised products.  

For our standard product ranges we happily accept returns/exchanges that have been returned within 10 days from delivery, if the product is a new and unused condition with labels attached. We can't accept exchanges / refunds on products that have already been used, are damaged or returned later than 14 days after delivery. Please note that we will deduct a 10% restocking charge on all order refunds.

How can I return my product?

If you would like to return or exchange an item, contact us via email to Please ensure that you return or exchange your product within 10 days after delivery. The product would then have to be posted to:

Trinkety Paws Limited

The Canine Cottage

Chester House Estate


NN29 7EZ

Please note that we would need to receive your return first, before we can sent out the exchange product or issue a refund. Postage costs for all returns/exchanges are the responsibility of the buyer, alongside with any additional costs, i.e. if your product would be exchanged for a product of higher value.  Please note that it can take between 7-10 business days, for the refund to show in your bank account, even if we issue the refund as soon as we receive the product back.

We recommend to return your products using "Tracked Delivery", which will allow you to track your parcel. Please note that there is no need to purchase "Special Delivery" for your return, as this shipping method doesn't allow you to track your parcel, and is a costly and unnecessary delivery option for your return.

Repairs & Alterations

Can you repair or alter my product?

Our skilled makers, are able to do product alterations  if something isn't quite right and we are also able to offer repairs on products that have passed their product warranty. We are able to offer repairs and alterations as long as the product is in a condition that will allow us to work on it safely and hygienically and can still be repaired to guarantee a certain level of safety afterwards. 

Repairs and product alterations are often more time consuming than making new products and require a good level of skill, therefore will subject to an alteration charge depending on the level of alteration/repair required. Please note that the alteration charge is in addition to any product material cost that may need replacing. We are able to give an approximate price quote via email, to allow you to evaluate the costs prior to sending your product, however it is possible that this charge may increase, should further alterations be necessary to guarantee the safety of your pets product, which weren't initially visible through the photo evidence provided for the quote.

In order to allow us to work on a well used product safely and in an hygienic way, we would require for the product to be deep cleaned thoroughly prior to posting it for alterations or repairs. If the product has failed to be cleaned prior to being posted and arrives in a condition which requires a deep clean, to allow us to proceed with the alteration or repair, an additional cleaning charge of £8 would be applicable. 

Products & Materials

Our Product Quality

Our aim is to create dog accessories, that don't just look beautiful, but are also practical and safe. Therefore we do ensure to use high quality materials for all our products, that have been safety tested and also look great.

All our products come with a general warranty of 6 months. Below you can find some more detailed information on the types of products we use for our high quality dog collars and leads and if you have any further questions, we are only an email away to help. 

What is BioThane®

BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s a polyester webbing with a TPU/PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and remains always odour-free. 
BioThane® is the brand name of the highest quality waterproof webbing that is currently available on the market. The material is durable, waterproof, easy to clean and remains always odour-free. Genuine BioThane® waterproof webbing is of a higher quality, much smoother to touch, flexuous and more durable with a longer lifeline than other waterproof webbings on the market.
The material is stronger than leather, with an average breaking strength of around 340kg and is also vegan. Under normal use, BioThane® will long outlast leather, nylon and fabric dog accessories.

How do I best clean my Biothane products?

We recommend to clean your BioThane products with warm soapy water. If the product is very dirty soak in soapy water, and scrub with a cleaning brush or cloth.

We don't recommend to use bleach when cleaning your BioThane products, as this can bleach out the webbing colours. 

Can Biothane colours fade or stain fur?

The opaque BioThane colors tend to hold colour significantly longer than the fluorescent colours. In general, the deeper the shade of the hue, the longer it will last.

It is possible for certain colours, especially fluorescent colors, to transfer onto hair, skin or fabric. These colors are not hazardous and they should not present a health or safety hazard.  If color transfer happens, please wash with soap and water to remove stains.

My dog has sensitive skin and allergies, can I use BioThane products?

Yes, BioThane is a hypoallergenic material, and unlike fabric webbings, dries very quickly when getting wet, allowing your dogs skin to dry off faster and breathe. BioThane is also latex free.

What is the difference between waterproof BioThane & waterproof Webbing?

BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp.

It’s a polyester webbing with a TPU/PVC coating, that makes it waterproof and great for all things dogs.

We also offer another non-branded waterproof PVC Webbing, which is just named waterproof Webbing and available in our Value Range in our Online Shop. 

There is no major difference in the attributes of both products, but we would say that the original BioThane waterproof Webbing products, are more flexuous due to unique coating Biothane® has in comparison to similar webbings on the market. Products made from BioThane webbing are therefore more durable, on of an overall higher quality than then other similar waterproof webbings on the market. 

We offer both materials, but have clearly named each product for our customers, so that you can make the decision if you would like your product to be made with original Biothane or are happy to opt for the more cost effective option with our waterproof Webbing. This can be especially relevant, when ordering our Waterproof Long Lines, which can vary quite greatly in price between both of these material options.  

What material are your Rope Products made from?

Our Rope Dog Collars and Leads are made from polypropylene material, the perfect material for dog collars and leads, as it does not absorb moisture, it keeps the rope floating on the water and dries quickly. The rope is non-toxic, safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®), doesn't get dirty quickly, and is resistant to mildew and rot. It is very durable with a break test strength of over 650kg.

The lightweight Polypropylen ropes are specially designed to be used for dog leashes and collars, with a finely woven sheath and a flexible but strong inner core, these ropes have a premium look and have a strong and supple feel. 

What is the Rope Whipping (Wrap around Lead Handle & Clasps)?

The Rope whipping, is best described as a decorative wrap of Paracord we wrap around the Lead Handle and ends, which is is applied to hide and protect the Microcord stitching underneath. It is not our Whipping that keeps your lead strong, but our strong Microcord underneath, that is 20x stronger than regular thread and also resistant to mildew and rot. 

It's important to know that the whipping is decorative, therefore when being held onto under pressure or being pulled by hand, the whipping can move up and down the handle strap, which would result in the handle loop becoming smaller, and eventually expose the knots underneath the wrap. This will compromise the overall tightness of the whipping, meaning it can become looser and potentially becoming undone.
Should the whipping have unraveled, please don't worry, as this part is purely decorative and does not hold the Lead handle together, you can continue to use your lead as before. We can also supply some very easy instructions on how to fix the whipping wrap back onto your lead, in just 2-3 minutes, or alternatively you are welcome to send it to us for a free repair, as long as the postage fee is covered. Just drop us an email to, if you would like us to send you a guide how to fix the whipping on your leash.
Some walkers prefer to obtain a firmer grip onto something else than the actual lead handle, and like wearing the handle around their wrists during their dog walks. In those cases we recommend to tie one or two knots just underneath your lead handle, this will help anybody who prefers to wear the Leash Handle around their wrist but wishes to keep a firmer hold, if their dog pulls in certain situations. It also prevents the user from gipping and pulling the decorative whipping wrap.

How do I clean my Rope products and will they fade in colour?

For light stains, clean your rope product with soapy water and a cloth. All our rope products are machine washable at cold or low temperatures. We recommend to put the product into a wash bag or pillow case and wash alongside other products to protect the whipping and hardware.

Our Rope does hold it's colours better than other textile products, however colours can fade with UV light exposure or after several cycles in the washing machine. 

What material is your hardware?

Our silver, black, antique brass, rainbow and rosegold hardware products are made from zinc die cast and finished with chrome plated colour coating. Although our hardware products are very durable, they are not fully chip and rust resistant. If you prefer a more resistant alternative, we recommend to purchase products with our Stainless Steel, Gold Brass or Aluminium hardware finish. 

Can Stainless Steel Hardware rust?

Stainless Steel is a low carbon steel that contains chromium, giving it an additional layer of protection and increased rust resistance.

It is corrosion and heat-resitant, hygienic and robust, it's ability to ward of rust comes from the chromium element in it's composition.

Rust can still form on stainless steel, when it's protective chromium oxide layer gets damaged. Improper cleaning and exposure to certain abrasives can tear through the chromium film and cause chemical reactions that would allow rust to form on the surface.

Since most cleaning chemicals are more likely to damage the chromium layer that protects the steel, we recommend to clean off rust with equal amounts of lemon juice and baking soda and wash off with a cloth and water.  

Can Gold Brass Hardware rust?

Gold Brass can tarnish when its metal components copper and zinc are exposed to oxygen. This is a natural process. The oils in your skin also have an effect on brass, so the more an item is used, the more corrosion or tarnish can occur. The same as for Stainless Steel you can clean Gold Brass Hardware with lemon juice and baking soda, and a damp cloth. Gold Brass is still superior to regular chrome die cast hardware options when it comes to tarnishing and rusting, and has a longer lifetime than regular metals. 

Can Aluminium rust?

The short answer: no, aluminum does not rust. However, aluminum can corrode. What is the difference between rust and corrosion?

Corrosion, generally, is a broad reference to the wearing away of metal caused by a chemical reaction. Rust is a type of corrosion referring specifically to the oxidation of iron or steel caused by interaction with water or moisture. Steel rust, as most know, causes the metal to flake away, exposing new steel. The process starts over and goes round and round until the steel is basically eroded back to a more natural state.

However, since aluminum doesn’t contain iron or steel, it doesn’t rust away in most conditions. But aluminum, when exposed to water and oxygen will very quickly corrode. Most can identify rusted steel from its familiar orange color. Aluminum corrosion actually looks white.

The process of aluminum corrosion is known as oxidation. The resulting aluminum oxide is a thin, hard layer that actually protects the metal from further corrosion.

Aluminum oxide appears as a powdery white or dull gray coating. As oxidation occurs, it hardens and creates a protective layer over the newly exposed areas of corroded aluminum. The aluminum corrosion process is actually halted by oxidation—the metal won’t continue to deteriorate unless the aluminum oxide is removed. As mentioned earlier, unlike rust, which has a flaky, orange appearance, aluminum oxidation cannot be easily chipped off the metal surface.

How to care for your hardware?

Whether you ordered a product with a Fast Release Buckle, Trigger Clasp, Scissor Clasp all our metal hardware products benefit from a little aftercare. To prolong the life of your collar or lead, and to ensure smooth opening and closing of clasps, and cleaning hardware pieces, we generally recommend to regularly spray your the hardware pieces with WD40 or similar lubricants. This will help to reduce the build up of corrosion and remove any debris and dirt, that often can get into the small openings of metal hardware. The same as we wash our own clothes regularly, your pets collar or lead benefits from quick and easy clean & a the hardware from a spritz of WD40 now and then.  

For our clasps, spray the lubricant directly into the small opening, underneath or at the back of the bolt.

For our fast release buckles, spray the lubricant onto the inner buckle part, and press the wings open and close a few times, to ensure the lubricant gets into the spring mechanism. Regularly cleaning the hardware and lubricating the spring mechanism will help to reduce any dirt or debris that might have gotten into the claps or buckles. We recommend to repeat this process regularly, especially after washing the collar or lead and when the opening/closing mechanism of your hardware clasp becomes stiffer and less snappy. 

Sizing & Measuring

How do I measure my dog for a collar?

We recommend to use a soft measuring tape and measure your pets neck, in the position the collar would be worn.

When measuring, add two fingers under the tape will give you a good comfortable fit, then provide the size of your measurement in your order.

​If you are unsure or concerned about measurements, please message us for help and guidance and we will do our best to assist you.

We sell many different types of collars, we would recommend that you read our detailed product description of the collar you would like to purchase, this will give you more details on the specific sizing and fit of that particular product, as this can vary depending on the type of collar you are looking for.

How do I measure my dog for a harness?

All our dog harnesses are made to measure, and if provided correctly we can make a perfectly fitting harness for your pet.

We offer different types of harnesses, to cater for all size dogs. 

Measuring your own dog for a harness can be a little bit daunting, but we are able to assist you with images and videos, to ensure you get the measurements correctly. 

Please simply drop us an email, and we will email you some guidelines. 

Do you offer different length leads?

Yes, we do offer different lead lengths and widths to cater for all requirements and size dogs. Our ready curated dog collar and lead sets, come with a 120cm (4ft) lead as standard, but if you would like a set with a longer Lead, or combine some of our products in one matching set, simply head to our "Design Your Own" section in our online shop, where several different lengths for each of our leads will be available.  

The available lengths and widths of our products can be found in the drop down menu of the product. Should you require a specific Lead length and width that is not listed, please let us know, by dropping us an email, as we do offer custom orders.

The lead length refers to the length from the top end of the handle to the end of the clasp. For our double-ended Training Leads, the length refers to the length from one clasp end to the other.

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