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Dog Collars

How to Design your perfect Dog Collar?

Below you can choose from a number of different Dog Collar Styles. Start by choosing the type of collar you best like for your your pet.
Then choose your Pets Neck Size Range (we recommend you measure their neck first) and hardware colour, finally choose an individual or a combination of colours from our colour charts in our image gallery to complete the look.
Place your order and we will do the rest and create your perfect Dog Collar in just 2-3 business days. 

If you would like a helping hand, we are right here, just drop us a message if you would like to see some further colour swatches, images or generally would like us to assist you.

If you need some inspiration on colours and designs have a look at our social media channels and please follow us @trinketypaws
TP Background (Portrait A4).png

Dog Collar Styles

Dog Collar Accessories

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