BioThane® Martingale Collar

BioThane® Martingale Collar


The waterproof BioThane® Martingale Collars are individually handmade to order, using our 40mm wide backing strap and 25mm Martingale Chain attachment strap, that can be designed in the same or a contrasting colour.
The fantastic BioThane® Material is 100% water- and mudproof and ideal for any active dog, especially if your dog likes a swim or gets dirty during their walks as the material is very easy to wipe clean.

Martingale collars are excellent for maintaining control and keeping your dog safe on leash. The fundamental difference between a martingale dog collar and a traditional dog collar is that is has two loop ends and a leash attachment loop. When attached to a leash it acts to offer extra control and tightens safely around your dogs neck if the pull, once your dog stops pulling the tension is released and the collar will slacken.


  • Made to your colour choice and measure in 3-5 business days
  • Choose from 18 Back Strap Colours & 30+ contrasting colour options
  • Great for rainy days and muddy walks with easy wipe clean material
  • Strong but soft and flexible material with a breaking strength of up to 1000lbs


Please note that the colours for the wider backing strap are limited, please choose these from the first colour chart (40mm wide Biothane).

Colours in the standard width colour chart highlighted with a * are not BioThane®, these colours are from our Waterproof Webbing Range, which has similar attributes as BioThane®, but comes from a different manufacturer.
We offer our customers colours from both ranges, to give you a greater choice of colours.


Neck Measurements:
Please note that for these these collars we need a a head and neck measurement of your dog.

We require a tight neck measurement (no fingers under the tape), we will then deduct around 2-3cm, for a safe pull stop effect of the martingale chain. Please be aware that if your dog has a greater neck than head measurement, these collars can slip off, due to your dogs proportions. In this case we recommend to measure your dogs neck high up and not at the bottom of the neck to get a better fit.