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Dog Harnesses

All our Dog Harnesses are made to measure to the size of your dog, ensuring your dogs harness is a perfect fit no matter the size or shape of your dog. Our harnesses are made from waterproof Biothane® webbing, a fantastic hypoallergenic material, that doesn't get wet and allows your dog to dry quickly after they had a swim.

Our most popular and bestselling Y-Shape Body Harness, offers free movement around the Shoulders, and is perfect for any size breed. We also offer a Step-In and Houdini Harness Style, the first one ideal for dogs that don't like a harness fitted over their head, and the second made for dogs that otherwise can easily escape out of standard Body Harnesses. 

All our harnesses are made in just 2-3 business days and are always made with safety and your dogs training needs in mind. Our harnesses are great for Pull-Stop Training, and every model features a front chest attachment, for pull-stop training. Our harness styles, have between 2 - 4 Lead attachment points and are therefore ideal for all walking and training needs.

If you would like some help how to measure for your dogs harness, then please just drop us a message.

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