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Trinkety Paws - Chuck-it Ball on BioThane Tug & Retrieving Toy

Trinkety Paws - Chuck-it Ball on BioThane Tug & Retrieving Toy

Our Chuck-it Ball on BioThane Tug Toy is made with original Chuck-it Balls. 


This fantastic waterproof and stink-proof dog toy is made for any adventure and for engaged play together with your dog.


Use the toy for a game of tug of war or during your walks as a comfortable easy to carry Ball Launcher for your dog to learn how to retrieve!


A great interactive training tool to improve the bond between you and your dog. This is a durable, waterproof tug that rinses clean and wipes dry - perfect for every adventure!

The toy has a 12mm wipe-clean waterproof Biothane Handle, in the colour of your choosing. 


Safety Notice:
Pets should be supervised when playing with toys. This is NOT A CHEW TOY, therefore never leave your dog unattended with this toy, it is designed for dog and handler play, training and simulation. 
The BioThane is not chewed proof and although the Chuck-It Ball Toy is strong it is not indestructible and will eventually become susceptive to chew damage. Examine regularly for wear and replace if any damage could represent a health hazard.

    VAT Included
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