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Splatter Upgrade for BioThane Dog Collars

Splatter Upgrade for BioThane Dog Collars

Add a little more fun to your Dog Collar Design by adding our brand new Neon Splatter Collar Design. Simply purchase this upgrade alongside your collar of choice and we will do the rest and splatter your collar in our amazing Neon Splatter Design.


These colours are waterproof and as resistant as your collar, they won't wipe off even when you clean your collar numerous times.


Important Notice:
Every Neon Splatter Collar is handmade to order, therefore it is not possilbe to determine the pattern and look of the collar. Each Splatter collar is unique and will look different from another. Please note that due to the making process it is possible for some splatters or little colour marks to be visible on the inside of the collar, the colours we use to create the splatters are however safe and cause no harm even to the sensitive skin of your pet. 

    VAT Included
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