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Waterproof BioThane® Dog Collar & Dog Lead  Set® - Amethyst & Coral

Waterproof BioThane® Dog Collar & Dog Lead Set® - Amethyst & Coral

Our waterproof two-coloured BioThane® Dog Collar® & Dog Lead® Set contains our bestselling Dog Collar in your size choice, with the matching 120cm long Dog Lead.


Purchase individually, or as a matching Set, simply pick the option in our drop-down menu.

This set is made from our Amethyst & Coral BioThane® Webbing with Rosegold Hardware fittings.


Our Collars and Leads are made from genuine waterproof BioThane® material, which is easy to wipe clean, stays odour-resistant and is the ideal material for active dogs of all sizes. BioThane® is the most superior quality waterproof webbing with a longer lifetime, softer feel and more durable ability than any other competing waterproof materials on the market.


Key Features:

- Made from BioThane®, the highest quality waterproof webbing on the market

- 100% waterproof & easy wipe clean

- Hypoallergenic

- Odour-Resistant

- Superior quality with a longer lifetime

- Strong yet lightweight - strength tested for +280kg

- Expertly made by us in the UK to highest quality standards with a low carbon footprint

- Vegan



Product Info:

BioThane® Colours: PU524 & PC524

Collar weight: 35-105g

Lead weight: 100-125g

Fittings: Collar – Dual Bar Buckle, Lead - Trigger Snap

Hardware: Chrome Plated, Zinc die Cast


For more information about our materials, hardware, return & exchange policy and more, please visit our FAQ page:



We test every product and hardware and we do not sell anything we are not happy with; however please always check your dog’s walking accessories before use, and replace products that have clear signs of wear and tear.
Our products are like most things not resistant to being chewed by dog’s teeth. Unfortunately, we can’t be held responsible for any damage to our products that has been caused by your dog.

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    VAT Included
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