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Waterproof Biothane® Houdini Dog Harness - Sighthound Anti-Escape Harness

Waterproof Biothane® Houdini Dog Harness - Sighthound Anti-Escape Harness

Our waterproof BioThane® Houdini Harness is the ideal harness, especially for Sighthound breeds, that can easily slip out of standard harnesses. This harness has an additional Loop behind your dogs ribcage, to make it escape proof. The harness will be custom sized to your dogs measurement, and therefore a great fit. All our waterproof harnesses are designed for function and fashion.


  • Four-way Leash attachment at the Chest Front, Neck & Lower Back
  • Choose your own from 40+ colours
  • Pull-Stop Training through Lead Front Chest attachment
  • Hypoallergenic waterproof BioThane Material
  • Ideal for rainy days and muddy walks and for dogs that like a swim
  • Helps prevent matting and skin irrigation
  • Strong but soft material with a minimum breaking strength of around 500lbs

BioThane® is the brand name of the highest quality polyester webbing with a PVC coating that is currently available on the market. It's durable, waterproof, easy to clean and remains always odour-free. We only use the original BioThane® brand material for this product, because it is of higher quality, softer and more durable than other cheaper competing waterproof materials on the market. Please note that the actual colours may vary from the images in the colour chart, if you would like to see some addition images please just drop us a message.

We need the following measurements from you to ensure a great fitting harness (see the image above for guidelines):
A: Girth Measurement (a few centimeters behind the front legs)
B: From between Shoulder Blades to top of Girth Strap
C: Top of Shoulders (lower neck, not this is lower than a collar measurement, see guide image)
D: Breast/Chest Bone to Bottom of Girth
E: Girth 2 Measurement (behind the ribs / lower back)


When taking the measurement for C (lower neck), always consider your dogs vertical head measurements (widest part), to ensure that the harness will slip easy over your dogs head. The neck piece C of this harness is made to measure and not adjustable.
Both girth straps A & E will be adjustable, so please give us a tight / no fingers under the tape measure, we will ensure that you can make these straps looser, and use the tight measurements provided as the smallest size setting.
Please add your taken measures to the personalisation section of your order or send us a message if you would like some additional visual aids.

Our hardware is colour coated zinc, which although durable is not resistant to abrasion and corrosion. If your dog often plays in sea water, please ensure you choose Stainless Steel or Gold Brass for your hardware, to ensure you have a rust proof harness, that is suitable for use by the sea side.

We design and make every product to order, within 2-4 business days.
The harness will be made exactly to your order specifications, and is therefore unfortunately not exchangeable or returnable, as it is a custom order. However, if something isn't right, contact us and will always try to help with alterations where possible.

We test every product and hardware and we do not sell anything we are not happy with; however we recommend to always check your dog’s walking accessories before use, and to keep your dog safe we recommend to replace products that have signs of wear and tear.

Our materials are like most things not resistant to being chewed by dog’s teeth. Unfortunately we can’t be held responsible for any damage to our products that has been caused by your dog.

    PriceFrom £60.00
    VAT Included
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