Biothane® waterproof double-ended Dog Training Lead

Biothane® waterproof double-ended Dog Training Lead


The Biothane® Dog Training Leashes come with two clasp ends as standard, that can be interchanged, to create different lengths lead loops.

A fantastic dog training lead that can be used for long line or recall training, or when adjusted to a reined lead hold for "close on foot" road walks. Use as a safety or pull-stop lead, by clipping both ends into the dog collar, or a front harness, creating a "horse rein" hold. Furthermore the lead can be worn as a handsfree shoulder lead, or around the waist for handsfree walking or running or cycling.

  • Available in different widths (16mm, 20mm & 25mm) and lengths of 6ft (180cm) or 8ft (240cm)
  • Perfect for easy non-invasive Pull-Stop Lead Training
  • Made to order to your colour choice
  • Choose two from 30+ colours
  • Great for rainy days and muddy walks with easy wipe clean material
  • Strong but soft material with a breaking strength of up to 1000lbs

Colours in the colour chart highlighted with a * are not BioThane®, these colours are from our Waterproof Webbing Range, which has similar attributes as BioThane®, but comes from a different manufacturer.
We offer our customers colours from both ranges, to give you a greater choice of colours.


16mm (slim) best for puppies, very small & small Dogs,

20mm (standard) great for small to large dog breeds,

25mm (wide) best for large to very large breeds